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We want to make looking after your mental health as easy as possible for you.

Ready to become more confident, self-aware and productive?

Whether you’re looking to be more productive in your daily life, keep track of your mental health or become more aware of your thoughts and feelings – we’ve got you covered.

The Celutions Planner 2023
The Celutions Planner 2023
The Celutions Planner 2023
The Celutions Planner 2023
The Celutions Planner 2023
The Celutions Planner 2023
The Celutions Planner 2023
The Celutions Planner 2023
The Celutions Planner 2023
The Celutions Planner 2023

New arrival

The Celutions Planner 2023
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The planner that keeps you on top of your daily life whilst tracking your mental health.

Our bestselling daily planner contains has now been UPGRADED! The Celutions Planner is now bigger and better, combined with 271 total planner and journal pages to help you get things done more effectively, weekly quotes and mental health worksheets. The layout combines your new and concise daily to-do list with your schedule so that you can easily see your whole day on one single page.

The Celutions Planner helps you stay on top of your daily tasks, reducing your feelings of anxiety and emotional overwhelm, keeping your focus on the good things in your life – where it feels better.

Even better, the pages are undated so you don’t need to feel any pressure – use it whenever YOU want to!

The Celutions Planner includes hand drawn colouring pages to help you reduce feelings of stress, improve your mood and boost your creativity.

The best version of yourself, the one you’re waiting to become is only a few pages away.

What’s in it for you?

Imagine this… 👀👇🏾

  • You go through your days and your mind is clearer and no longer all over the place
  • You’re more organised than ever before 
  • Your productivity is through the roof
  • You’re beginning to learn about and understand yourself more 
  • Your days still feel more positive, even when something frustrating happens
  • You feel the most confident you’ve ever been
  • You feel grateful for your journey 
  • You’re actually looking after your mental & physical health and not pushing it to the side 
  • Your stress levels have dramatically reduced and you’ve stopped your unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • And you aren’t scared of commitment anymore 

🧠 and it is ALL possible! We’ve created the perfect planner to help you achieve this! 📒

An absolute no brainer for anyone trying to take charge of their day.

Say goodbye to procrastination and a big hello to freedom.



  • Yellow hardback cover with gold foiling Celutions logo
  • Gold foiling “The Celutions Planner”, Celutions Lightbulb Emblem, "a better me is coming"
  • Daily planner pages
  • Weekly journal pages
  • Undated for use any time of the year
  • Colouring pages
  • Weekly inspirational quotes
  • Metal wire-bound
  • Yellow elastic band closure
  • 100 GSM paper
  • How to use the planner breakdown
  • Reflection section on each page

Don't take our word for it


This is such a motivational and inspirational planner and has really helped me organise my daily life! I would 100% recommend, the words of affirmation every week are powerful! Thank you celutions!


I love my Celutions planner. I have issues with my anxiety and it really helps to keep it at bay. Would 100% recommend


10/10. Extremely useful way for me to stay on top of my daily life. Really appreciate the words of affirmation.


Amazing planner, I use it everyday and I love it so much. The daily affirmation section has really helped me start my day with a positive and hopeful outlook.
Thank you Celutions.


Got this planner at a very much needed time in my life. Has helped me keep on top of my plans as well as evaluate my mental health daily. Would absolutely recommend.


LOVE this planner. It helps keep me organised and sane. I check in with myself morning and night which has helped me maintain great mental balance. I love Celutions and I love this planner!


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