Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!


Welcome to the Celutions Blog, we’re glad you’re here! My name is Celine and I’m the founder of Celutions (which you should hopefully already know because it’s on the homepage!).

Last year (after months and months of thought) Celutions was born. I started it because, well, I’ve always been interested in psychology. Literally for as long as I can remember. I wanted to be a doctor, I just didn’t know what kind. I developed an interest in the mind, how people think, how they behave and what makes them do the things they do. My first contact with mental illness happened when I was eleven. A close family friend was self-harming and I remember walking in and not knowing why she would do that or how I could help. So once studying mental health became an option, you can bet I was in that class boy!

Fast forward to university, I had my first personal experience. Anxiety. It was a lot and I remember the people around me didn’t help. Perhaps if they knew what signs to look out for, maybe things might have been different. I remember seeing and hearing a few other people going through it (but this would be based on my own knowledge of mental health, they’d never think they were actually developing mental health issues because of stigma and it being taboo). I’d have countless conversations about mental health and most of them just consisted of people refusing to believe that mental health issues were real. I remember thinking to myself “how can I educate people about mental health and get them the help they need before it’s too late?” and low and behold… yeah, you get it.

Celutions has been going for a year now, and we finally have a website! Here, you can learn about common mental health issues and the signs and symptoms to look out for. You’ll also be able to learn how to help yourself or someone else, because we all have mental health. However, mental health issues do not discriminate. It could be you, your friend, family, or even your neighbour’s dog’s previous owner.

On this blog page you can expect to read stories from other people about their own struggles with mental health, tips people have used to look after themselves mentally or maybe the anonymous vent. Who knows…?

If you’d like to write for us, fill in the contact form below and we’ll get in touch.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Love and light,